The Angenieux Anamorphic 56-152mm T4 Zoom Lens

Developed in alliance with Cooke, Angenieux has created a new lightweight anamorphic zoom with all the optical performance of their exceptional cine-zoom Optimo range.

The anamorphic element sits at the rear of the design, ensuring less flaring and optical distortion. The lens has a superb elliptic bokeh and smooth focus fall off. There is no breathing during focus and the lens is very light considering the amount of lens elements and moving parts built into the design. 

The anamorphic is a 2x squeeze and the range is comparable to a large set of anamorphic primes. 

Aperture: f/3.6 – T:4
Zoom ratio: 2.7X
Weight (approx.): 4.8lb -2.2kg
Length: 210 mm
MOD: 2’1’’ – 0.63m
Image coverage: 4 perf. scope +: 28.8mm diagonal
Lens front diameter: 114mm