The Canon CN7x17 Cine-Servo 17-120mm T2.9-3.9 Zoom Lens

Canon’s first S35mm zoom lens with servo handgrip for documentary, handheld or ENG. It covers large modern sensors up to 4K resolution.

The revolutionary design of the 17-120mm T2.9-3.9 zoom means it is particularly small for a lens that can deliver superb image quality with so much range.

The servo focus/iris/zoom handgrip is detachable meaning the lens can be used in cine-scenarios. 

Included In The Kit

The lens motors inside the handgrip are quiet and extremely quick. The focus barrel can whip from M.O.D. (Minimum Object Distance) to infinity in 1.6 seconds. Zoom speed can be controlled, from wide to close in speeds ranging from 0.5 – 300 seconds for that slow zoom in title sequence landscape shots.

As part of the forward thinking design, the focus marks are engraved on the slanted part of the lens focus barrel, so you can see the distance with your left eye while shooting.

The T-stop is changeable across the focal range, however, the lens control can be electronically stopped in range at approximately 92mm, therefore providing a range of 17-92mm at a consistent T2.9.

– Cooke /i Technology compatible with PL mount
– Mount: PL
– Image Circle: 31.7mm
– Weight: 2.9kg
– LCD equipped removable Drive Unit
– Zoom speed: 0.5-300 seconds
– Lens marking in ft & m with luminous scale for night viewing
– 180 degree focus rotation angle
– Lens front diameter: 114mm

Lens front diameter: 95mm