The Easyrig Cinema 3 600N (Long Arm)

For handheld situations where extra stability and support is required, the Easyrig is the industry standard support arm. By hooking the camera to a suspension line under the arm, which is secured to the back of the operator with a body brace, the system redistributes the load from the back and shoulders to the hips, giving more freedom of movement and allowing longer shooting periods.

The 600N model takes a payload of up to 15kg, supporting Amira, C300 and Epic cameras. The rig has been modified to feature a longer 130cm adjustable arm, allowing the camera position to be moved further away from the operator if required. This doesn’t affect its use in a standard position but when extended is ideal for supporting gimbal stabilisers like the DJI Ronin.

Included In The Kit

Support arm
Lockable camera hook
Hip Belt (breathable material)
Petrol carry case

Cinema 3 payload chart:

Cinema 3 payload chart