The Floatcam DollyCrane SD+

The innovative DollyCrane grip system can function as a heavy-duty camera slider or, with a simple adjustment, a mini jib. Following an upgrade, it can now take a increased payload of up to 16kg, allowing use of heavier cameras such as the RED EPIC.

Thanks to its counterweight system, the slide rail has the unique ability to be set at almost any angle from horizontal to vertical, and allows smooth and effortless tracking of up to 160cm – much further than typical camera sliders. It mounts centrally on a single heavy-duty tripod, or for low angle positions can be mounted on the ground on its feet, the height of which can be adjusted by up to 8 inches to allow for uneven surfaces or small angled slides.

By the easy attachment of a cantilever arm and locking off the slider, the DollyCrane instantly becomes a mini-jib, allowing tilts, pans, and 360° moves around the base tripod with a maximum lens height of about 3m (depending on tripod size).

The kit includes a Sachtler DV 8 fluid head. The slider sits on Moy legs and Ronford-Baker tall or short legs are supplied separately at £25 each per day.

Floatcam Slider and Jib Hire/Rental London, UK