The Movi Pro Stabilizer

The MöVI Pro hire from Shoot HD stabiliser is a system designed for an entirely new way of moving cameras during filming. Featuring a completely redesigned, heavy duty 3 Axis Gimbal System, the MöVI Pro is designed to carry large and small cameras – enabling steadycam-type shots with a custom proprietary IMU. The MöVI Pro will transition from typical horiztonal movements into vertical movements seamlessly. The system enables a huge amount of freedom to creatives when designing their shots for production.

Paired with an Epic, C300 or Alexa Mini camera, the MöVI’s small size allows for movement through areas such as windows, stairs, humps and other tight spaces with the smoothness of a steadicam or jib, without their cost and labour implications.

The rig works by utilising three motorised digital gimbals in pan, roll and tilt axis, counteracting the movements of the operator as they move. Although time for balancing the rig should be allowed for, once set up the MöVI speeds up the process of filming lengthy shots through flexibility and allowing the DOP/Director to take control of the shot, rather than relying on another operator. 

The MöVI Pro features a built in stand, allowing users to set the unit down and rest between shots. This stand also allows for a quick setup and balancing without the need for a tabletop or additional stands. Hotswapping the smart batteries is also possible, minimising shooting delays.

Included in the package is Freefly’s new invoative MIMIC controller. This allows the to camera automatically and intuitively follow the users movements. No need for joysticks, knobs or wheels – just simply tilt, pan or roll the controller and the MöVI Pro will mimic those exact movements. MMIC also features a long range 2.4 Ghz frequency hopping radio system, providing users to pointing controls, status information, menus and RED camera controls.

MöVI Pro Hire & Rental London.

The MöVI Pro can be paired with an Red Epic/Red Epic Dragon/C300/Arri Alexa Mini, an Arri LCS or RT Motion wireless Follow Focus Unit and two Remote Video Units (TVlogic 5.6″ & Camwave or Teradek Bolt Tx/Rx) for a completely flexible setup.

ShootHD supply trained technicians where necessary.

MOVI Pro Hire vs. TRACK & DOLLY Hire 
– No track required, meaning less setup time
– More flexibility in a variety of environments including tight spaces and uneven ground
– Longer shots over greater distances 
– Quicker setup times

– The knowledge required to operate is much less, but greater experience results in smoother shots
– The MoVI has greater vertical movement, a Steadicam is restricted in height.
– Less weight means the operator can film for longer without feeling the strain. MoVI can be operated by different users.

Optional hire kit:
– Arri LCS or RT Motion LCS
– Terdek Bolt or Camwave wireless HD
– 1 or 2x TVlogic monitors
– Remote control for pan & tilt

Freefly Movi Pro Stabiliser Hire & Rental London, UK