The P+S Technik Skater Mini Camera Dolly

The Skater Dolly is a miniature dolly on wheels for use on tabletops, smooth floors for extreme low angles or any flat surface. This makes it ideal not only for productions like cooking shows and product commercials, but in drama scenarios and in any exterior or interior location by use on a mounted flat board.

Cameras of any weight can be mounted directly to its rocker bracket, allowing tilt angles, or on a fluid head for full camera control. The dolly itself is lightweight and built straight out of its compact flight case, allowing tracking shots in almost no prep time.

In addition to straight tracking, the three wheels of the dolly can be set at any angle to acheive precise curved tracks. A clever feature included in the kit is the laser pointer, which can be placed on each wheel and used to turn the wheel until the laser is pointing at the subject. When this is carried out on all the wheels, the dolly will be set correctly to track in a circle around the subject, always maintaining its distance. Alternatively, if the distance from the subject is measured, a supplied chart gives the wheel angle settings required for the curved shot.

  • – Heavy duty and takes any camera
  • – Built and ready to use out of the box
  • – Precise straight or curved tracking shots very quick to set up
  • – Useable on any flat surface and in any location with a mounted board