The Ronford-Baker 4ft Slider

This 4′ (48″) version of Ronford-Baker’s heavy duty slider allows completely stable and smooth camera tracking along its high precision, ground stainless steel runners and rollers. The unit has a lockable rotation of 360 degrees, magnetic ‘soft stop’ adjustable end buffers, spirit level and Moy/Mitchell fittings. For 150mm bowl heads, a Moy to 150mm bowl adaptor can be supplied at no extra charge. The slider is suitable for all cameras.

A single set of heavy duty Moy legs is required for mounting the slider. It can be further supported at each end with monopods – included with the slider kit. For scenarios that require further stability, scaffold brackets can be supplied, which allow the slider to be fixed to scaffolds at either end. For low positioning or car mounting, 1ft tubes with rubber suction cup feet can be supplied, which the scaffold brackets fix onto.

We recommend combining the slider with an O’Connor 2575D or 1030D (with optional Moy base attached) head for a complete, rock solid slider package.

Included In The Kit

4ft slider 
2 x monopods

Optional extras:
Heavy-duty Moy legs 
Moy to 150mm bowl adaptor (no charge)
2 x scaffold brackets 
2 x 1ft scaffold tubes with rubber cups

Lens front diameter: 95mm