The Rotolight NEO LED Light

With a diameter of only 145mm and weight of 354g (504g with batteries), this¬†lightweight and powerful bi-colour LED lamp is ideal for “run and gun” news shooting, cinematography or stills photography. It has up to 3 hours of running time at 100% power, and is powered by 6x AA batteries, mains or a D-Tap cable.

This is the world’s first ever on-camera light to include a highly accurate colour temperature display (or CCT). This allows colour temperature to be adjusted accurately¬†and quickly on location – between 3150K and 6300K in 10K increments. The light is also flicker-free on any frame rate or shutter angle. Also the “Dynamic Drift Compensation” enables the set colour temperature to remain the same, regardless of the dimmer setting.

The bank of 120 strong LED’s gives an output of 1077 Lux at 3ft – thats roughly twice the output of the competition – and can dim fully between 0 and 100%.