The Small HD 702 OLED 7.7” Monitor

Small HD’s brand new 7.7″ OLED monitor is fully featured on-camera or directors monitor. It features a precalibrated and stunning OLED colour display, protected by a rugged Gorilla Glass  screen and support for importing your own 3D LUTS via the included 8GB SD Card.

For piece of mind, the display can overlay standard markers and safety areas. These include 4:3, 1.85, 2.39:1, 16:9 and custom. Inputs and outputs are handed via full-sized HDMI or SDI. We also include a right-angled BNC connector to simplify plugging in a BNC cable.

The monitor is operated using Small HD’s Pagebuilder OS, which enables you to send your video signal downstream via the Output Preview page. Also by using Cross Conversion, the monitor will easily convert HDMI/SDI signals. Users also have the option of displying HD Waveform and Scopes if needed. Reverse scan is also possible.

Also included is an Exposure Assist feature, which supports both ARRI and Specrum based false colour. Users can utilise built in IRE guides for referencing. 2x Zebra warn you when reaching a brightness level of your choosing – this is ideal for matching exposure across shots and cameras.